Thursday, March 26, 2009

Original Deck

So, I discussed that my first project for spring would be our deck. In future posts, I will go into great detail about construction of the new deck as well as research. But I figured I would give you some history of our previous deck.

Our original deck was a *massive* 8x10. Actually, it was a good size deck overall. You could fit a table and chairs but no grill and not much else. While this isn’t a reason to tear down a deck, the rotting wood, untreated lumber and Carpenter Ant infestation really put the proverbial nail in the coffin (or in this case - the deck).

It was really bad. I am thankful that the person that previously built it did not attach it to the house for many reasons.
  1. They used untreated wood and sat it directly on the ground, thus creating a feeding area within easy reach of the wood eating insects.
  2. Supports (if you can call them that) sat directly on the ground, not below the frost line.
  3. After the Carpenter Ants ate through the main supports (2x12), they sistered some 1x6 blocks on the bottom of the supports. Which provides no support, but gave them an area to paint and “look” nice.
  4. I was really scared that it was going to just fall apart that I never let anyone on it except myself. The only thing holding it together was the 2x12 decking boards.

Here are some pictures of deck and destruction. That lean is not supposed to be there. If you look in the background, you can see that the insects have gotten to our fence as well (a future project).

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