Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bathroom Complete

So...we got back from vacation and I was able to finish the bathroom. Our downstairs projects are officially complete which means we start deconstruction on the 2nd bedroom upstairs for the little boy coming around October 10th.

The final steps included removing the remaining tile. To do so, I had to disconnect the sink and remove the tank on the toilet. This, of course, made it into a full day project.

Since the bathroom is so small, we have to come up with some creative ways for storage. The house has 1 bathroom and it is 8'x5' (not including the shower).

I added some shelving above the toilet. But, in order to still have access to all of the internal parts of the toilet, I added a piano hinge to the shelf. I then added some front supports to keep it level.

I notched the beadboard for the sink so that it would sit flush against the wall. I had the beadboard come flush against the top of the sink so that I could pull the base of the cabinet away from the wall an inch or so and have the sink be supported by the cabinet.

Overall my wife and I are VERY happy with the outcome. The beadboard is so much nicer than the tile that was there.


  1. Wondering how the beadboard is doing so far? I want to install beadboard in my bathroom, but am worried about moisture warping the wood. Your bathroom project is so lovely!

  2. I wondered about it...that's why I went with the vinyl beadboard. No problems at all. The other choice was to use MDF beadboard or real wood. I didn't like those because of the chance of mold.

  3. How did you join the beadboard with the the shower tile? I am in the process of installing beadboard in my bathroom, but I need to butt it up against the shower tile. Did you use any trim pieces?

  4. We don't have tile in our shower. We have Bath Fitters, which is a 1-piece shower surround. It has a finish piece on it. I had to scribe my cut for the beadboard and filled in with caulking.

    Since it is 2 different materials, I wasn't worried about it looking odd. You can get a trim piece for your tile (similar to what they use on floors). It is usually metal.