Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workshop Build Day 1

First day of Workshop build was completed this past Saturday.  Of course we didn't make as much progress as I wanted to.  I was able to get the basement entry door reinstalled and buttoned up at least which was my primary objective.  We completed one wall.

I did the walls in the following order.  We put sill foam underneath our Pressure Treated bottom sill.  I put the bottom sill in first which was easier to line up and make square than trying to square a wall and make straight. I used a ramset to set the PT sill in place.

I built the wall on the floor and then raised it up and installed it.  Sounds easy, but we ended up having to move some plumbing lines and cut out some of the wall for plumbing pipes.

Here are the pictures:

Delivery truck arriving with a truck load of dry wall, wood and doors.

After day 1 the door is back in and walls are starting to take shape.

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