Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Build Weekend 1

The weekend of reckoning was finally upon us. After all of the talk and posts about research, it seemed that we would never start construction, but we began actual deck construction on Saturday.

Saturday: Laid out the deck visually to help tweak how it will be laid out and final size. We have determined to build an L-Shaped deck that will be 264 sq ft. The previous deck was 80 sq. ft…so slightly larger.

We moved the electrical and water spigot until we have reinstalled the ledger board.
We removed the vinyl siding to expose the cedar siding. After that, we decided to call it a day – it was supposed to rain.

Sunday: I was going to put the Ledger board onto the house, but the guy that was supposed to help me was unable to come, so I was working by myself. I removed the cedar siding and then the sheathing (which was actually planks since the house was built in the 1950s). After that, I saw the inevitable it seems for my projects. Carpenter ants decided to eat out some of my rim joist. I prayed that they didn’t cause too much damage. Luckily they only ate out about a 2 foot section of the rim board. They never touched any floor joist or even the sill plate.

I removed 6 feet of the rim board and replaced it with a PT board. I used (3) 3/8” Lag Screws per floor joist to secure it. It shouldn’t go anywhere J. I then put some Ice & Water Shield over the top of that.

I have found another volunteer that has agreed to help me out with the deck build. I feel bad for them to have to work with me. No, not the person in the above picture; that is my brother who came over to visit and lended a little hand picking up stuff at Home Depot.

Because of the holiday weekend coming up, I will not be working on the deck. Instead, I will be baking a cake. How is that for 2 extremes, Baking and Home Improvement? If I didn’t know better (or if my wife didn’t remind me), I would think I was the perfect man.

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