Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Build Weekend 3

This past weekend was deck build weekend 3. I helped my dad install 500 sq. ft of laminate flooring on Saturday, so we could only work Sunday. Do you see a trend here J. This weekend we are starting at 8AM and working until we feel tired enough to stop. Hopefully we will be 90% complete and then I can finish on Sunday J. High hopes!

So on Sunday we started around 10AM. We installed the first 2x12 where the ledger is to be installed as a spacer board to bring the wood up to the same level as where the vinyl siding currently attaches. On top of that we installed ice and water shield. We went up about 12-18”, even behind the vinyl siding and down about 12” below the bottom of the sill plate just to keep things tight. Don’t see a need to cut off the bottom, it will be behind the deck anyway.

On top of the ice and water shield we installed vinyl flashing. On top of that we installed composite decking spacers every 16” on-center.

Then we attached the ledger board. We used 5” LedgerLok’s in a staggered pattern. 3 of them are structurally attached while the bottom 1 was installed to eliminate some of the cupping of the ledger board.

Of course when we tried to install the LedgerLoks, we smoked my plug-in drill. And we noticed that the 19.2V drill that I took home from my dad’s install was a 3/8” drive not the ½” drive that I took to the install. They are both the same model (Craftsman) so I can see how I made the mistake being that I was really tired. We had to install some of them by hand! Not fun!

I have never had to pull a permit for a deck before. I hadn't realized that the first inspection was after digging your post holes…OOPS! Lucky for me, the inspector was VERY understanding and just made me dig down the side of one of the posts to verify depth. He approved my posts on Tuesday and so we are officially ready to go! The next inspection will be at the completion and then hopefully we get the Certificate of Completion!

This weekend, it will actually start to look like a deck!! And I have to thank Anthony and Paul for all of their help with the build. Matt and Mark for the help with the digging of the posts. And for Tanya as she has to take care of Keira while being pregnant and nauseous 24x7.

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