Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Upcoming Projects - Small and Large

I recently completed some of the last things needed to put a check in the finished side of the deck project list.
  1. Lattice. Vinyl, easy to install. Not the nicest as I didn't trim it out, but it was cheaper this way and it looks good because it is vinyl. Keeps animals out from under the deck.
  2. Electrical. Was going to originally run it to both sides, but that is what they make extension cords for. While running the electrical, I was going to try and come out the house into the ledger board and under the deck, but when I drilled through the sill plate, it was way to high and almost on top of the deck. So I had to fill the hole I had in my siding and flashing and think of another location.
    Luckily, I left 12" from the end of the deck to the bulk head. This was the perfect location. Drilled the hole, ran the electrical. Put in the GFI breaker and everything was good!
  3. Water spigot. Not really part of the deck project, but I removed it when I installed the ledger board. I installed the new water spigot about 12" from the oil fill lines. I would rather have water near oil, then water near electrical (on the other side of the bulkhead).

    This was a job in and of itself. I don't do a lot of plumbing and therefore takes me far longer than it should. I always purchase EXACTLY what I need and end up having to go back because I end up having to change things midway through because of obstructions or other things.

    Well, after my 2nd trip to the hardware store, I was at Lowe's and decided to pick up a bunch of 10 packs of copper plumbing pieces. Including - 90 degree elbows; splice connectors (for connecting 2 copper pipes) and T-Joints. I also picked up one of Lowe's Easy Connect plumbing supplies. I have used and LOVE Home Depot's SharkBite connectors, but figured I would give Lowe's version a try.

    They are about a lot higher in cost than the copper solder equivalent($8 instead of $.80) but allow you to connect things without soldering them and different types of pipe (copper to PVC, etc...).

    Well, I get home, run the pipe, connect the T-Joint to the supply line and the new spigot line. Everything looks good and so I turn on the main and that's when the Lowe's "Easy" Connect T-Joint starts leaking. I try to push it together to see if I can seat it better, but not go! Now I am frustrated. The Lowe's connectors require 1.5" of pipe insertion to seal, so obviously I wasn't far enough in, but I didn't have any more room to play.

    I say "Screw It" and solder the copper connection on there. After 4 hours to install an outdoor spigot, I finally have one!! See what I mean by taking me far too long to do plumbing. I ran the electrical circuit in less than 1 hour (including stapling it every 2-3 feet).

    I will be returning the "easy connector" back to Lowe's and sticking with Home Depot's SharkBite from now on. They only require 1" and I have NEVER had a problem with them leaking before... One of the nicest things about the SharkBite connectors, is that you are able to still rotate your pipe after making a connection. This is good when you have quite fully threaded your shut off valve and it develops a slow leak. I am able to tighten it after it is connected!
Upcoming Large Project:
So now that we know we are having a boy, the wife has strongly suggested that we finish the upstairs bedroom to a similar level as my daughter's room. This means a total gut and upgrade. Including new electrical, insulation, a double double-hung window, drywall, flooring, molding, built-in beds(2 this time), built-in-chest of drawers. Before we start that, I have made the executive decision - I can say that when the wife isn't around :) - to finish all unfinished projects first.

I really hate being the guy that starts a project and never finishes it. I have been in many a house where the person went 99% of the way and didn't finish. So, that is one of the the driving forces behind this. Another is the fact that the wife has been living with unfinished molding on doors, partially finished bathroom with tiles missing and general annoyances.

The unfinished project list was as follows before this past weekends above mentioned accomplishments
  1. Deck
    • Electrical
    • Trim - Put Vinyl Siding piece back on the house where there is just flashing.
  2. Bathroom
    • Remove Tile and install Vinyl Beadboard (also known as wainscotting). The wife doesn't like the look of the vinyl beadboard and wanted to put in MDF, but because it is the bathroom, I was worried about water. She has agreed to let me use the Vinyl.
    • Trim around door - after beadboard is installed.
    • Trim around floor - part of beadboard installation.
  3. Wine Rack
    • We know someone that builds cabinets that will be getting us a quote. If it comes in too high, then I am going to build it myself (which I would rather do as I LOVE woodworking and finish carpentry like that). I priced it out and it would cost $65 for an open-side wine rack. It would be 6" wide by 42" tall; enough to fit about 6 bottles.
    • 6 bottles of wine - Since we don't have any wine on-hand, we will have to purchase the bottles to fill the wine rack. Guess I should start drinking :)
  4. Shelves upstairs
    • At the top of the stairs, there is an empty space that I have been saying I will build shelves for since we tore out and re-drywalled the hall (about 2 years ago). We will actually finish this now!!
So...enough to keep me busy. I will try to take pictures (including pictures of the spigot as well as the electrical).

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