Monday, July 13, 2009

Air Conditioning Install

So...the warmer weather is finally upon us after a month of rain in June (literally rained like 30 days straight)!!

Because the wife is pregnant, it means Air Conditioning Install time. Anybody with vinyl window or cares about putting holes in their windows knows how difficult it is to install an air conditioner securely. Below you will find my way of installing a 10k BTU air conditioner.

We were in desperate need of a larger air conditioner than the ones we had. We have some 5k BTU ones, but we need to cool down an open area of about 12x24. So, my friend Craigslist saved me once again because I was able to pick up a new energy efficient 10K BTU air conditioner for about half the retail price.

The nice thing about this one is that the guts/heavy part of the machine is separate from the outer shell/casing. I removed that and was able to install it far more easily.

I first cut a new/temporary window sill that will raise the air conditioner. It keeps the air conditioner off of my vinyl window as well as allows me to screw the expandable sides into the temporary sill.

I took some of my cull wood. I used pieces that were previously stair treads cut down. These are 1" thick each. I stacked 2 on top of each other.

You can see where i screw the "expandable" side of the air conditioner into the temporary sill. No permanent damage :)

After making sure things are installed correctly, I cut and wedge another block in the top of my window to keep it from opening anymore than it should. Thus, keeping the air conditioner in the window and not on the ground.

Here is the shell installed.

Here is the final installation pictures.

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