Thursday, July 16, 2009


As you know, the wife is pregnant and due in October.

Since we had basically a month of rain, she has gone a little crazy with the nesting.

We installed shelves in the playroom, moved furniture around in our bedroom and installed more shelving.

We also got rid of a bunch of stuff that we had lying around...DVDs, Electronic Components, Clothes, etc...

But, the latest thing we bought is a new kitchen table. Our old table was bar stool height and 24x48" in size. It has 2 bar stools. Since Keira doesn't want to sit in her high chair anymore, she has been using one of our chairs to sit in, requiring myself or my wife to stand and eat. Instead of just buying 2 more unmatched bar stools, we purchased a whole new set.

We purchased an unfinished 30x48" table and 4 matching chairs. I have been slowly refinishing them. I setup a small painting booth in my workshop in the basement. I hung up plastic and vented it to the outside. This allowed me to spray the table and chairs which is far easier than trying to paint with a brush or roller, but there is a lot of overspray; hence the need for the plastic walls.

I finished painting the table and table legs on Monday. I should be able to put the last coat on the chairs tonight if all things go well.

Pics of the shelves:

I screwed a brace into the studs and then attached my brackets to that so they would be more centered.

New shelf over the top of the changing table. We have to be careful when Keira stands up after being changed because she can bump her head.

Pics of the painting "booth" and finished table:

Pics of the table being replaced.

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