Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Window

Before Pics of the window. I had already removed the window sashes.

Post window installation, pre-vinyl siding completion.

After a long day, we finally finished installing the "new" window. I say "new" because I found this window on Craigslist. It is made by Harvey with Low-E and Argon Gas filled as well as 6-over-6 Grills Between the Glass. It was listed as a 60" x 60" window, but when I got there it was actually a 60" x 65" window. It was too good of a deal to pass-up and I figured I would be able to squeeze it in since we had some extra space buffered in my measurements. Normally this window is $500-$550, but the guy had it "priced to sell" for $50 because he wanted to get rid of it.

It BARELY fit. Since the porch roof is so high, it didn't give me the full ability to move the window as low as I wanted. But, it fit perfectly. I had 1" from the top of the porch roof to the bottom of the window J-Channel. I also couldn't go any higher without cutting into the roof.

Luckily I was able to get a couple of my friends and my dad to help me out. It took about 8 hours start to finish. Which included removing old window, siding around old window, reframing the wall, installing the window and re-installing the siding. It's an east facing window so there is great sunlight on that side of the house in the am. It also is better insulated and much larger than before. Since we have a cape and vaulted ceilings, it is the only window in the entire room.

Should help. I also found a great deal on 3/4" 140 sq. ft of Pre-Finished Beech Flooring on Craigslist not too long ago. This will be the flooring for this room. It is shy by about 30 sq. ft., but I will probably do an inlay to make up the difference. I got the flooring for about $.71/sq. ft.

Big thanks to Anthony, Hippert and my dad.

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