Monday, October 5, 2009

Please HELP

A few months ago, I entered The One Project Closer Before and After Contest. I won the weekly prize. I wrote about it when I posted my daughter's bedroom update.

Starting today though I’m in the running for a grand prize versus all the other weekly winners from this year’s event.

Could you please visit the page here and vote for the best project? If it turns out to be "Bedroom by Michael #6", that's fine by me and will hopefully push me ahead and win the $150 gift card, which I can use for the current bedroom I am finishing. Would be ironic to win the prize for the bedroom I completed last year and use it on the bedroom I am finishing this year :)

It looks like you can only vote once (doesn’t appear this is a daily voting option) so if you could pass this along to some of our other friends, I’d appreciate it.

And even if I don’t win, you know I’ll be back next year with another project entry.

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