Sunday, November 29, 2009


We have made a lot of progress on the room. But, of course, there is much left to do.

Some of the electrical has been put roughed in. We ran wires to where the lights will go and where the outlets will be. We are waiting till we finish the rest of the framing before we will be able to finish our electrical.

We have hired a plumber to rough-in for our half bathroom. It will be a very small, but functional bathroom - 3' x 6'. We hope to have the plumber in this week, but being prime heating season, our bathroom is not a high priority of course.

We are about 75% done framing in the room. We have framed in the knee walls, part of the built-in bed, the built-in dressers, the new entry door and moved the collar ties. We removed the old entry door and have moved the wall about 18" into the room so we could fit a half bathroom.

90% complete. When we are finished with the framing, we will be using blown-in insulation behind all built-ins and knee walls.

Before picture of the knee wall where the dressers will go.

Before picture of the Knee wall where the built-in bed will go.

After picture of where we moved the bedroom entry door.

Picture of where the bathroom will go. Small doesn't begin to describe it. It will be nice to have an additional bathroom as we only have 1 bathroom in our house.

Interior - After picture of the new window.

After picture of the collar ties. Much more headroom. Makes the room feel a lot more open.

Me framing in the knee walls for the dressers.

We bought the toilet and sink so we could dry run and figure out where exactly we want to place them. This gives us the best idea of how the toilet and sink will be and if they would actually fit.

My father-in-law graciously donated these 2 dressers for us. I had to cut the bottom drawer off the taller dresser to make it fit in the knee wall, but everything fit perfectly. Having the built-in dressers and built-in bed saves 99% of the floor space. See how much floor space they take up by themselves if they weren't in the knee walls.

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