Monday, March 1, 2010

Updated Bedroom Before and After

This weekend was a flurry of activity. A Better Handyman came over and install the sink and the base of the toilet. We ordered the toilet and sink from When he went to install the tank, the mounting holes wouldn't line up with the base of the toilet. The tank was 5.5" mounting holes, while the base was 5.75". GRR...another problem arises. Go to Home Depot and Lowe's but no one has a 10" Rough-in toilet in-stock...Special Order Only.

But, he installs the rest of the items which turn out great. The sink is secure, toilet is level and secure! Great and thanks!!

I installed the shelving in the landing area and all of the molding for the bedroom and landing area. We also painted the downstairs ceiling. Looks pretty good. You can't even see the spot we had to cut out.

I decided to try and install the tank on the toilet anyway and save myself the hassle of returning the toilet and getting the right one in. I was able to install it by putting both bolts in and tightening each side slowly. I would tighten the right side with a couple of turns and then the left side. This worked and the toilet isn't leaking and is secure. So, all is well and the bathroom is done.

After looking at these pictures, I honestly don't know how my wife ever agreed to buy this house. This is one of the ugliest rooms I have seen in a long time. I imagined it looking better, but I never imagined what it turned out to be.

Before pictures of the dresser wall.

After picture of the dresser wall. Small improvement :)

Opposite side of the room where the built-in bed is now.

After picture with the built-in bed.

Before pictures of the window

New Larger window. Got this $550 window off Craigslist for $50. Low-E, Argon Gas, Grills between the glass. The listing said it was a 60x60 window. When I got it home, I measured it and it was a 67 tall x 60 wide...almost didn't fit!!

New Entrance. We moved the wall 3 feet back so that we could add the bathroom from hell. Named that because of the problems it caused.

Bigger and better window!!

New 1/2 Bathrooom.

Shelving and stairway when we bought the house.

We now have the shelving I have been promising for 3 years. Looks good to me.

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  1. IT does look great! I wanted to do built-ins like this, but we never did! They look great, and the bathroom is REALLY similar to ours! Thanks for sending me the link!