Monday, October 10, 2011

Unforeseen Progress

   I had an extended weekend thanks to Columbus.  It was my son's 2nd birthday and mother nature decided to grace us with 80 degree weather; I had no plans on making any progress in the workshop.

   But, I did end up finding time while the kids were napping.  I have 3 kids, so when I am home, it is imperative that I help around the house as much as possible.  It is very difficult to take care of 3 children and my wife is a saint for staying home with them.  But today, she allowed me to spend time in the basement and make some progress. 

   I ended up working by myself, but actually made a lot of progress.  Framing is nearing completion with only a couple of more walls to build.

Where the pocket door meets the wall, I framed in some extra support.  This will provide some stability for the drywall when the pocket door is slammed shut - by my children I am sure :) It also will keep it on track.
Another shot with the door closed.
The birthday boy.  But what I am showing in this picture is the additional framing I finally added underneath the bottom landing and underneath the pocket door frame.
There was a change of plans when we came to the water meters (regular and deduct meter).  I was trying to figure the best way to make the meters accessible while still being nice looking.  Ended up deciding that a door would be the best way to do this, so I framed in a door way.
Another view of the meters.
Here is what I call the "electrical closet".  It will keep the sewer main and Electrical panel contained.  I was able to frame that as well.
Another view of the closet.
 A view from the closet looking back into the pocket door.

   I am very happy with the progress.  The room is starting to feel like a workshop again.  Still much left to do, but progress is progress.

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