Monday, November 28, 2011

Beginning of the End

This long weekend I didn't get too much time to work in the basement.  I spent time with the family instead.  But I did finish putting in the outlets.
Here is the frame that the pegboard will sit on.  I used 1x3 furring strips on the outside and 3/4" dowels in the middle.  That way I would maximize space for pegs.

I installed the pegboard and lower cabinets.  I put space between the cabinets so that I can shove some larger items (boxes) between them.  I will used some MDF or melamine for the bench.

I need to pick up some 3/4" box extenders to bring my outlets flush with the Pegboard.

To hold up the levels, I used some 3" screws that I screwed part-way into the furring strip.  That allows me to hang things where I wouldn't be able to put pegs/hooks.

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