Thursday, November 10, 2011

Electrical and Some Drywall

I completed the electrical about a week ago, but the computer interface for my camera broke, so I had to wait for a new connector to get the pictures off of it.

I was going to have someone drywall the walls but the quotes were more than I wanted to pay for how easy the job was.  The quotes were a standard $10/sheet to hang it.  My problem with this is that I am not having the ceiling drywalled, so it seems like it is easier than other drywall jobs.  So I started hanging it myself.  I can get about 6 sheets done in 2 hours, so probably 6-8 hours to hang the 22 sheets that I have.  Not enough to do the entire workshop, but enough to cover key areas.

Last night I did 6 more sheets and tonight I will hang some more.  So the drywall should be completed by the weekend.  Then finish electrical, plumbing for sink, plumbing for air compressor and dust collection.  Then tools come in!!

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