Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Room...COMPLETE

A couple of updates (which happen more often when I actually have active projects).

1st Project:
Family Room is done!!  I completed the mudding.  I was going to wet sand, but it was taking 3x as long, so I went back to the tried and true method of messy sanding. 

After that, we hired a painter to spray the popcorn ceiling and prime and paint the walls.  He did a great job!! And he finished far faster than I would have :)

Plastic down before spraying.

Do you remember what we started with?? Let me remind you :)

This is what the room looks like now.   Ignore the mess. 

2nd Project.  Workshop, more organized.  Installed the 3 doors this weekend and the additional peg board.  Finally started unpacking boxes of tools and organizing them.  It is going to fill up pretty quickly.

Here are a couple of pictures of the progress.

Dust collection and air compressor closet.  When we were installing the doors, I needed the air compressor, so I have it run temporarily through the dust collection hole.  Eventually that will be changed to a more permanent solution.

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