Monday, May 21, 2012

New Garage Entry Door

When we bought this house, I knew that the garage door leading to the backyard was in need of replacement.  It no longer closed with grace and there was some signs that it need to be replaced (more on that later).  So, in October when our local Lowe's was closing, we purchased this set of French Doors.  I wanted to have a larger opening than a 32" door going to the backyard.  Since we fenced in our backyard (without gate), I couldn't fit any large items through that door (such as the future riding mower that I want).

These doors have been sitting in the garage for months staring at me every time I parked my car...taunting me to be installed! 

All the while this door has been laughing at me and screeching every time I closed it (literally).  I know what you are thinking, this door doesn't look bad.  And overall it isn't if you consider it better than having just a hole.  But it no longer shut without a significant amount of force.

 The outside looks ok.  The last owners even changed out the brickmold for PVC.  But look in the bottom right...what can't see it?  Take a closer look.

OH THE HUMANITY!  That is TERRIBLE.  Or maybe it is secretly hiding money behind there.

The sill was no longer attached there (for obvious reasons) and would just rock back and forth if you stood on it.

Alas...nope!  Just rot!  And carpenter ant damage.  I took out the light and switch.  And cut from the inside with my circular saw where the new rough opening is for the french doors.  I removed the PVC.  Wasn't sure if I would be able to reuse them, but I removed them with the idea of being able to save them.  PVC is not cheap!  About $20/board.

A closer look at how the rot has wicked up into the OSB, framing, etc...
I put my child labor to work inspecting the wood for damage.  They agreed that the wood should be removed.
New king stud for rough opening.
Framed out the area with new wood and wrapped in vycor/protecto wrap/ice and water shield.

I was, in fact, able to reuse the PVC side trim pieces from the last door ($40 saved).  I had to buy a new top piece.  The new door was actually 2 inches shorter than the old door, so I used a wider piece on the top than on the sides.  
Closer can definitely tell old from new.  You can also see my metal flashing above the door.
Caulked the cedar clapboards to the trim using Painters' Caulk.
I used this kit from EZ-Hang Door ($4.99).  It worked like a charm.  Of course I marked my half inch plumb line before I put on the flashing, so lesson learned!  But still made it easier to make adjustments to get the door square and level.

Still need to build a ramp to the outside, but that will be a future project.

Breakdown of Cost:
French Door - $250
PVC Trim - $20
Framing - $50
Door Handle with deadbolt - $20
EZ Hang Door Kit - $15 (2 kits plus shipping)
Flashing - $25
Water/Tamper Resistant GFI Outlet (Convert light to outlet) - $20
Caulking/Adhesive - $10

Total - $410


  1. Hey, I had a question about one of your previous posts. Could you get me your contact details or tell me what specific type of tie you used here:

    I'm buying a house and the roof structure needs some support. I was thinking of collar ties and maybe some of these for added strength.


  2. Great work on the installation! Now that’s a lot better than before. You’ve gotten rid of the rotten door frame, and I like the fact that you turned it into a two-door opening. That bigger entryway is sure to be a big help when you’re moving big stuff in and out of the house.

  3. Great work on your home improvement project. You should be really proud. It looks awesome!

  4. The garage door should certainly be replaced to improve the functionality of the space and to allow natural light to get in. Now that looks much better! It’s wider, which allows you to see the beautiful view of your yard. Well done!

  5. It's always better to have a wide entryway, especially when you need to move stuff. It was a great decision to change yours into double doors. See the difference? The photo below (with the new door) looks wider and more spacious. Unlike the first photo which seemed like it's cramped.

  6. So, in October when our local Lowe's was closing, we purchased this set of French