Monday, January 25, 2010

I broke my wookie

So I mentioned how I broke my framing nailer. Not so much that I broke it, but that the cast piece shattered. Oh is now replaced and in it's box as I have been using the DeWalt instead. It is an inch or more smaller so it fits in tighter spaces. Also has depth adjustment.

Anthony and I were able to finish 99% of the framing (all but the armoire/closet). We also finished the electrical. We finished most of the insulation. We installed the furring strips. We framed in a filing cabinet in the hall landing area as well.

At the end of the project, I will lay out what it cost us to finish my son's room as I have been keeping a spreadsheet (like any OCD person would).

Things left to do before drywall:
  1. Armoire/Closet. Need to rebuild the armoire received from Father-in-law including remaking the doors and trimming the entire thing to fit into the space in the room.
  2. Cable/Ethernet/Telephone wires run.
  3. Thermostat wire.
  4. Create Nailer for Bathroom Sink to attach to.
  5. Insulate around chimney and inside bed.

Hopefully I can complete all this upcoming Saturday, but we will see. We did end up working about 6 hours on Saturday because we wanted to complete the above mentioned items.

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