Monday, February 1, 2010

Feels like Progress

Well we started this in August. 6 months later and we are finally at the drywall stage. Many modifications/changes, tons of insulation, lots of reframing, countless weekends and hours.

My drywall guy is the same guy that I used to tape, mud and sand Keira's room. In Keira's room, I hung the drywall. Because I want to get this done sooner than later, I have decided to just hire out the drywall job. He came in and gave me a quote yesterday. $800 for everything. It's about $250 in materials. There are a lot of angles, cuts and tight spaces, so I am pretty happy with the quote. The plan is to complete this in the next week or 2. This will work great as I have a wedding to go to this weekend, so I wouldn't have been able to work anyway.

So, if all things go well, I hope to have the entire room complete by the end of February. Of course, that probably won't happen :)

Don't be jealous of our 3x6 cell...I mean bathroom. You can see the nailer for the sink. Depending on where the plumbing ends up, the sink was straddling the 2x4, so that is why we put nailers on both sides of the 2x4.

Bathroom wall. This is the wall that is shared by the bathroom and the bedroom. Insulated for sound deadening purposes only.

Built-in bed. This will have beadboard instead of drywall for durability purposes.

Beautiful, big window. When you walk into the room, this is the first thing you see and it makes the room so much better. This also brings the room up to code since the window can now be considered an egress. If a firefighter can't fit through that space, then there is a problem :)

View from Keira's room (my daughter's bedroom). This landing used to have oak hardwood, but we had to tear it out so we could do the plumbing. We also moved the wall for the bathroom, so we would have had a difficult time matching it up and staggering the pieces. I originally tried to just pull up the first set of boards, but since they are tongue-in-groove, they just destroyed the adjacent boards, so the whole thing had to come up. We will be installing bamboo in the landing area since Keira's room is bamboo, it will be more uniform. Israel's room will be beech because I picked it up off Craigslist - 140 sq. ft for $100. Just enough to do the 10x13 room.

After 3 years in the house, Tanya will finally have the shelving at the top of the stairs that I have been promising her. I also built-in a filing cabinet in there, so that will make it easier to keep things organized.

Built-in dressers. We were going to build an armoire/wardrobe into the bedroom as the closet, but since we added the bathroom, it took over that space. So, we are considering the built-in dressers as the closet. I did a search on the MLS site and there is no definitive explanation of a closet. They define a bedroom as having a closet, but they don't define a closet. So, a closet is a place to store clothes, and that's what we have.

Anthony has helped me every weekend for the past 6 months. He is crazy, but I am ever grateful. I can never repay him for the help.


  1. I thought I was paying you back for all that help with the hardwood floors! I mean, uh, that I've got a few projects at my house that could use your expertise. Let's start the 'pay back' with that.

  2. As soon as that room is done Anthony he is all yours on Saturdays!!!- tanya