Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another item to check off...Painting!

Well...the drywallers came last Wednesday and hung the drywall in 3 hours. Pretty much could never come close to that. I figured it would have taken me 2-3 days. Of course, I am more meticulous and wouldn't have had as much waste, but 3 HOURS!! My wife said after they were done, "you are never doing drywall again". Which is only about 95% true.

I am sure I will be roped in to help others in the future. Or if there is a small repair that needs to be done, I will be doing that...but no more hanging/taping/mudding/sanding in my house!!

Here are the pics.

Under these pieces is the bathroom.

They came back and taped/mudded/sanded over the next couple of days.

Then it was our turn. We cleaned up, laid new plastic, primed and painted! We now are closer to completion. Quite a bit left to do (see list below). I also installed the light fixtures and light switches. They don't carry 20Amp Tamper Resistant Receptacles (Outlets) at my local Lowe's, so I will have to buy them at Home Depot or our local Electrical Distributor in the near future.

Yes...there are 2 different shades of blue on the walls. We felt it would be too dark and too much blue if it was all one color. Made for more difficult cutting in, but worked out in the end and I like it. We painted the dressers the other shade of blue. The drawers will be alternating white and light blue. This is a very boyish color in my opinion...perfect for our boy's room. We have been working on this room since August. He was born in October, so we are about 4 months behind a completed "nursery".

Shelves to be completed.

Bathroom color is mocha which is hard to tell in this picture. Goes great with our bronze fixtures.

Left to do:
  1. Electrical Receptacles
  2. Faceplates
  3. Tie in 2 circuits (bathroom and bedroom).
  4. Bathroom door
  5. Bedroom door
  6. Paint the drawers
  7. Shelving in landing area
  8. Floor in landing area (bamboo)
  9. Floor in the bedroom
  10. Bed paneling
  11. Molding
  12. Bathroom fixtures

And all of the other little things I am forgetting :)

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